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Sun Welding Vault Series V-36T

Sun Welding Safes are custom built in the USA and ship in 15 - 20 weeks.

Call us at (609) 375-8025 to better assist with your order.

Sun Welding Vault Series V-36T

The Vault Series is Sun Welding's premier line and offers the absolute best in home security. The solid 1/2" steel plate door and solid 1/4" body is one of the most superior in the industry.

Offering a Group II combination lock or Electronic lock, the lock is protected by a 1/4" hard plate plus 1/2" absorption plate to resist from impact, drilling, or punch attacks.

In addition, the independent three way bolt works are protected by two spring loaded re-locking systems which lock the entire bolt works together. The three way bolt works offers up to eight active bolts on each side of the door, and two active bolts on the top.

The Vault Series also comes standard with fire insulation for protection rated at 1,200˚ for 30 minutes with up to 2 hours available. The UL fire insulation protects all six interior surfaces and the door is sealed with a heat expanding seal, swelling up to eight times its size.

A fully adjustable interior is standard and is available in several different options. It's designed to maximize your interior gun capacity while also providing the most shelving space available. The Vault Series comes standard with a door organizer and LED AC operated light kit (the battery pack can be added).

The finishing touch is the hand-applied artwork. The exterior finish comes in your choice of seven different colors.

The Vault Series from Sun Welding offers the ultimate in protection and strength for your valuables and firearms.

Made in America!

Vault Series Details

  • •  1/2" Solid Steel Door & 1/4" Solid Steel Body
  • •  Up to 16 Locking Bolts (6 Active each side, 2 Top, 1 Bottom)
  • •  Matte Gray Paint (Gloss Paint Options)
  • •  1 Hour Fire Rating (up to 2 Hours Available)
  • •  Customizable Interior & Exterior Options
  • •  Fabric Lined Walls
  • •  5 Spoke Handle
  • •  Heavy Duty Hinges
  • •  Combination Dial or Electronic Keypad
  • •  Door Organizer
  • •  LED Lights Installed Battery Pack or AC Plug in
  • •  UL Approved Electronic Lock or Mechanical Lock
  • •  Exceeds UL Specifications
  • •  Exceeds California DOJ Approved Firearm Safety Device
  • •  Heat Expandable Door Seal for Extra Fire Protection
  • •  Lifetime Warranty
  • •  Made in the USA





30 Minutes (standard)

  • •  Weight: 1,545 lbs
  • •  Internal Dimensions (approx.): 70.5"H x 34"W x 21.5"D

60 Minutes

  • •  Weight: 1,660 lbs
  • •  Internal Dimensions (approx.): 69.25"H x 32.75"W x 20.25"D

90 Minutes

  • •  Weight: 1,775 lbs
  • •  Internal Dimensions (approx.): 68"H x 31.5"W x 19"D

120 Minute

  • •  Weight: 1,890 lbs
  • •  Internal Dimensions (approx.): 66.75"H x 30.25"W x 17.75"D



        Sun Welding offers a solid 1/2" door and 1/4" body on the Vault Series. The door frame is made from a solid 3/16" frame for added security. Sun Welding doors won't flex like composite drywall doors. The door is recessed for additional security and the heat activated door seal swells up to 7 times its size to keep out smoke and heat. The bodies are continuously welded for increased security.


        Sun Welding has been manufacturing safes in Southern California since 1980 and are NEVER imported. The only parts they do not make are the locks and the handles.


        Sun Welding offers a heavy-duty exterior hinge set with a full 180˚ swing door which allows the door to be removed for transportation.


        Sun Welding's warranty covers fire, theft, and burglary. They also offer extended warranties on locks and entry.


        Sun Welding's gloss paint in a variety of color finishes is hand painted and finished with hand applied logos. Logos available in chrome, gold, or black. Standard with a 5 spoke handle (adds 3" to depth), a finishing touch.


        Sun Welding fabric lines the six interior walls with 5/8" fire board then hand-builds each interior from solid 3/4" particle board. It is then finished with a velour fabric (variety of colors to choose from). There are three standard rifle configurations to choose from or a solid collector shelf interior.  Sun Welding can also custom build an interior made to your specifications.

        The Vault Series also comes standard with a door organizer and installed LED light system.  There are six pre-drilled mounting holes in the bottom of every safe for bolting the safe down to the floor.


        Sun Welding's independent mounted bolting system stops a wide variety of attacks. Using a cam drive system to gear the linkage these parts will not break under pressure. The Vault Series offers up to fifteen 1" diameter locking bolts (6 active each side, 2 top, and optional bolt at bottom).  With two re-lockers protected by Armor Hard Plate and second 1/2" steel plate the security is reinforced.


        Sun Welding gives the user the option of a UL listed group 2 combination mechanical lock or electronic lock. They offer a wide variety of manufactures from BigRed, S&G, LaGard, and SecuRam, in addition to EMP proof redundant style locks.


        Every Sun Welding Safe exceeds the UL RSC and CA DOJ requirements. Entry level safes were tested to ensure the test requirements.


        The fire test was performed with a safe being placed in an oven that was 1200˚. At 30 minutes the internal temperature of the safe reached 350˚. This time can be increased up to 120 minutes for certain safes.

        The overall burn time of a safe in a fire depends on many different factors such as the temperature of the fire and the length of time the fire burns around the safe. The safe door also includes a smoke seal around the door to prevent smoke from entering the safe.


        Lock Options

        Extended Lock Warranty available in 10 year or lifetime for; BigRed Mechanical Lock, S&G Mechanical Lock, LaGard Electronic Lock, LaGard EMP Electronic/Mechanical Lock, SecuRam Electronic Lock, or SecuRam EMP Electronic/Mechanical Lock.


        Handle Options



        NOTE: 3 or 5 spoke handles may touch the body of the safe when opened.

        Exteriors & Interiors

        Exterior Finishes

        Sun Welding's matte finish is hand painted and finished with hand applied logos. Logo available in chrome, gold, or black. Standard with a single drop handle (adds 1.5" to depth), a finishing touch.

        Interior Options



        Shipping & Handling

        Shipping & Handling

        Home Safes USA offers FREE SHIPPING throughout the USA (excluding AK and HI). If you have questions about shipping please call (609) 375-8025 or email info@homesafesusa.com to talk to one of our friendly safe experts!

        Sun Welding Shipping & Delivery

        What to expect at delivery? The freight carrier offers standard curbside delivery, typically with a 48' semi truck. Other arrangements for a small truck (pup tuck) can be made along with garage delivery.

        The freight carrier will remove the pallet from the back of their truck using a lift gate and place the pallet on your driveway. At that point it is the customers responsibility to move the freight inside the home. The freight carrier will not remove the safe from the pallet or remove any of the package materials.

        If you would like more information on delivery, have a long driveway, or any other special request please call (609) 375-8025.

        Standard Freight Costs

        All products weighing 100 pounds or less are shipped via USPS standard or FedEx ground and will be delivered to your business or residential door.

        For products weighing 101 pounds to 3,000 pounds, our standard shipping & handling cost includes all of the following: 

        • •  Lift gate included (to lower the safe to the ground) at curbside.
        • •  Residential curbside delivery.
        • •  Safe is steel banded and bolted to a pallet, foam, and wrapped in a cardboard box.
        • •  Double box is an available option.

        Inside Garage Delivery Option

        ($50.00 ADDITIONAL FEE - Call us at  (609) 375-8025). Access to an "overhead" garage door is required and must be over pavement or concrete. Excessively steep driveways or driveways longer than 25 ft are NOT included in this service.

        • •  Access to an "overhead" garage door is required.
        • •  Must be over pavement or concrete.
        • •  Roads with excessive turns and no turn around area, driveways longer than 25 ft, or extremely long driveways are not included in this service.
        • •  Excessively steep driveways (2% grade or more) are NOT included in this service.
        • •  Remote areas require an additional fee from the freight company. Call us at (609) 375-8025 to confirm if your area is "Remote".

        Inside Home Delivery Option

        ($TBD ADDITIONAL FEE - Call us at (609) 375-8025). Access to an "overhead" garage door is required and must be over pavement or concrete. Excessively steep driveways or driveways longer than 25 ft are NOT included in this service.

        • •  Inside home delivery is available.
        • •  Driveway must be over pavement or concrete.
        • •  Includes 2 steps outside and inside the home.
        • •  Freight company will place the freight inside your home in the desired location, remove •  the safe from the pallet, and take away packaging material.
        • •  Roads with excessive turns and no turn around area, driveways longer than 25 ft, or extremely long driveways are not included in this service.
        • •  Excessively steep driveways (2% grade or more) are NOT included in this service.
        • •  Remote areas require an additional fee from the freight company. Call us at (609) 375-8025 to confirm if your area is "Remote".
        • •  If your safe is over 700 lbs there are two great websites to find a local mover in your area: www.savta.org and www.aloa.org.

        About Sun Welding

        About Sun Welding Safe Company

        Sun Welding has been family owned and operated for over 35 years in Ventura County, CA, and is one of the true, constant, American-Made gun and fire safe manufacturers in the USA. Every Sun Welding safe is 100% hand-built and assembled with American parts as much as possible.

        Sun Welding began before 1980 while the owner was working as a welder. When his home was burglarized, he decided he wanted to build a safe for security and storage. After the first safe was built many of his family and friends wanted safes and the rest was history.

        Sun Welding is known for its American-built craftsmanship and premium quality. Sun Welding believes that quality safes should last for generations and that is why every Sun Welding safe comes with a lifetime warranty. Sun Welding safes are made from solid steel doors (no drywall composite doors) and continuous (not skip welded) steel welded bodies.

        While you may be able to find a cheaper safe elsewhere you will not find the American-built craftsmanship that goes behind each Sun Welding safe.


        Lifetime Warranty

        All Sun Welding Safes have the same Lifetime Warranty. Sun Welding offers an extended 10 year or Lifetime Warranty on a variety of locks (BigRed Mechanical, S&G Mechanical, LaGard Electronic, LaGard Redundant).

        Sun Welding's Warranty

        C & H Welding, Inc. warrants the Sun Welding Safe to be free from defects in material and workmanship for the lifetime of the original purchaser from the date of delivery. Internal parts such as locks are subject to the warranties issued by the manufacturer of these units, see below. Paint carries a two year warranty from original purchase date.

        Sun Welding Co. will repair or replace, at their option, free of charge any Sun Welding safe broken into by forced entry during the warranty period. The safe must have been locked with the combination lock or digital lock, (not the day key only) and been securely bolted to the floor and/or wall. The damaged safe must be returned to the factory for evaluation (transportation charges prepaid by returning party) along with a report written by the investigating authorities. A new safe will be sent to the original owner of the damaged unit freight collect.

        Sun Welding Safe Co. will also repair, free of charge, any Sun Welding safe damaged in a forced-entry burglary attempt, providing homeowners insurance will not cover the claim. The safe must be returned to the factory, by prepaid freight, for evaluation along with a report made by investigating authorities. The repaired or replacement safe will be returned to the owner freight collect.

        This warranty does not apply to damage or loss resulting from accident, alteration, misuse, and improper installation or scratching of paint, normal wear and tear or negligence.

        All unauthorized repairs or modifications performed (i.e.: lock installation, combination changes on combination locks, etc.) will void the warranty.

        The responsibility of Sun Welding Safe Co. under this warranty is limited to replacement or repair of defective parts at the Sun Welding Safe Co. factory in Simi Valley, CA., or at a point designated by Sun Welding with all transportation charges paid by the original purchaser.

        The implied warranty of merchant ability with all other implied warranties on Sun Welding Safes are hereby excluded and disclaimed. As a result, there are no warranties extending beyond those expressively stated in this limited warranty.

        Warranty registration must be received by Sun Welding within three (3) months of the purchase date of the safe.


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