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Hollon Gun Safes

Hollon gun safes manufactured by Hollon Safe Company far exceed industry standards in design, strength, and durability.

Since its founding in 2007, Hollon Safe Company has been one of the fastest-growing gun safe manufacturers in the USA. Today, Hollon produces some of the highest-quality gun safes available on the market.

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Founder Zack Gilmore realized the need for a company like Hollon Safes when he was still a locksmith. Zack was tired of companies selling pricey gun safes that were useless hunks of metal or even plastic, or selling quality safes at insanely high prices.

Zack built Hollon Safe Company based on his Dad's favorite saying "Only The Best". Hollon Safe Company is a family-owned business and treats customers like extended family. They're also dedicated to helping others and donate 10% of profits to charity.

Hollon gun safes are built with quality you can measure at a price that won’t break your bank.

The Hollon Republic gun safe series and Hollon WHITE Republic gun safe series offer the most premium and secure gun safe options available from Hollon.

The Hollon Black Hawk gun safe series offers strong protection with a 10-gauge steel body and a 90-minute fire resistant rating.

The Hollon Crescent Shield gun safe series is an affordable yet high-quality gun safe made with 12-gauge steel and  a 75-minute fire resistant rating.

The Hollon Hunter gun safe series is the entry level safe option built with 12-gauge steel and it carries a 45-minute fire resistant rating.

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