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Hollon Home Safes

Hollon Home Safes

Maximum Protection From Fire And Water

Home Safes from Hollon Safe Company provides 100% more fire protection than top competitors and is assembled right here in America.

Ultra-thick steel walls and doors create the ultimate defense against fires and water. The interior of the safe is protected from sprinklers, a fireman’s hose, and floods with a state-of-the-art grooved door seal.

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Tested at blazing external temperatures of 1,850°F, the Hollon home safes maintain an internal temperature of 350°F. Combined with the 30-foot impact rating, these home safes ensure your valuables stay safe under any condition.

Hollon Safe is dedicated to continuing their efforts in providing customers with the highest quality products at affordable prices.

Hollon Home Safe Details

  • •  Torch Resistant Fire Rated for 120 Minutes of Protection at 1,850°F
  • •  Impact Rated at 30 Feet
  • •  Seamless Construction For Additional Strength
  • •  CE Rating Electronic Keypad Lock Designed For 4 Users
  • •  2-Way Locking Chrome Bolts
  • •  Adjustable Interior Shelf
  • •  Interior Sliding Drawer
  • •  Door Détente Device Automatically Locks Safe
  • •  Prevents Smoke And Water Damage With Recessed Curvature And Airtight Construction
  • •  Water Resistant
  • •  Pre-Drilled Anchor Hole With Anchor Bolt Included (Concrete Mounting)
  • •  Lifetime Fire Guarantee
  • •  Manufacturer Limited Warranty
  • •  Assembled in America!