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Hayman Rockies Gun Safes

Hayman Rockies Gun Safes

Designed for Maximum Security and Peace of Mind

The Hayman Rockies gun safe series from is the ultimate option to protect your firearm collection from theft, fire, and other harsh conditions. All Hayman Rockies gun safes are forged of 3/16" plate steel and reinforced with a 1/2" solid steel door with heavy-duty hinges to ensure smooth operation. Hayman Rockies gun safe is the premium gun safe series available from Hayman Safes with long gun capacity from 16 to 45 firearms.

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The Hayman Rockies gun safe door is embedded with a drill-resistant steel hard plate and a spring-loaded relocker system for maximum security. Ten to twelve 1.5" diameter solid steel bolts lock the door through a Threeway Active Boltwork on top, bottom, and leading edge. On the hinge side, dead bolts lock the door in place for total protection.

These features have earned the Hayman Rockies gun safe series the Residential Security Container rating from Underwriters Laboratory (UL RSC Rating).

In addition to the superior burglar resistance, your firearms are further protected from fire, smoke, and water with Certified Fire Protection up to 120 minutes at external temperatures of 1,200°F. The intumescent door seal and 2 layers of fire board 1" thick throughout the safe door and body ensure your prized possessions stay safe as long as possible.

The versatile interior of Hayman Rockies gun safes allow for customizable storage options including long guns with shelf storage or long guns on both sides. Additional features such as the UL listed Type 1 electronic lock, plush fabric-lined interior, pocket door organizer, and powder-coating finish make the Rockies gun safe series from Hayman Safes the premier choice for any gun-loving American.

Upgrade your gun safe today with a Hayman Rockies gun safe and enjoy the protection of the in-home gun vault of your dreams.


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Hayman Rockies Gun Safe Series Features

  • •  16, 22, 24, and 45 Gun Capacity Options Available
  • •  UL Listed Residential Security Container (RSC) Label
  • •  3/16" Steel Plate Body Construction
  • •  2-3/8" Total Body Thickness
  • •  1/2" Steel Plate Door
  • •  2-1/8" Total Door Thickness
  • •  Drill-Resistant Steel Hard Plates In The Door & Body
  • •  UL Listed, EMP-Resistant, Type 1 SecuRam Electronic Lock
  • •  Fire Rated for 120 Minutes of Protection at 1,200°F
  • •  Intumescent Seal To Protect Contents From Fire, Smoke, and Water
  • •  Ten To Twelve 1 1/2" Thick Chrome-Plated Steel Bolts On All 4 Sides of the Door
  • •  3-Way Active Bolts + Dead Locking Hinge Bolts
  • •  Spring-Loaded Relockers
  • •  Heavy-Duty Adjustable Hinges For Smooth Operation
  • •  Clutch Drive 5-Spoke Black Titanium Handle
  • •  Plush Fabric Interior
  • •  110 Volt / USB Power Supply
  • •  Auto-On LED Light System
  • •  Premium Door Organizer
  • •  4 Pre-Drilled Anchor Holes
  • •  Lifetime Warranty


    About Hayman Safes

    About Hayman Safes

    Bill Hayman starting building Hayman Safes in 1971 and worked hard to provide customers with well designed and high quality products. For over 50 years, Hayman Safes has been manufacturing superior and secure safes in Oviedo, Florida, USA.

    Hayman Safe Company is a family-owned business and every safe represent the Hayman company and family. This is why Hayman Safes will always improve the quality of their products, grow their product line, and develop unique and innovative designs to push the boundaries of the safe industry.

    Gary D Hayman, President of Hayman Safe Company, assures all customers that as Hayman Safes grows and the industry changes, it is the customer who allows them to grow and they will always take care of the customer's needs.

    Shop Hayman Safes large line of home safes, gun safes, fire safes, burglar safes, floor safes, and depository safes today.