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Hollon Crescent Shield Gun Safes

Hollon Crescent Shield Gun Safes

The Perfect Balance Between High Security And A Strong Fire Rating

Introducing the new Crescent Shield Gun Safe series from Hollon Safe Company, assembled right here in America.

The Crescent Shield Gun Safe is designed for the perfect balance between high security and a strong fire rating at a reasonable price. Your guns and valuables will remain unharmed thanks to the 75-minute fire rating and a heat-activated  intumescent fire seal that expands to 7 time its original size. This "fire line" seals the safe door to keep out fire, smoke, heat, and water. 

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Hollon Crescent Shield Gun Safes are equipped with 1 1/2" thick high-security chrome steel bolts that are 25% larger than the leading competitor. The steel bolts fully wrap the top, bottom, hinges, and opening side to guarantee pry resistance. Vault style hinges prevent door sagging and allow the door to swing 180° for fast access to your firearms.

The Crescent Shield Series Gun Safes from Hollon guarantee the safety of your firearms thanks to the UL Listed Type 1 Sargent & Greenleaf electronic lock. The locking system is further protected from the inside by a ballistic and drill-resistant hard plate that would need to be melted to penetrate.

Every Crescent Shield Gun Safe come standard with a luxurious charcoal gray interior lining, along with heavy-duty canvas pocket door organizers, adjustable and removable shelves, and gun racks.

Hollon Safe is dedicated to providing customers with the highest quality products at affordable prices.