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12 Gauge Steel Gun Safes

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12 gauge steel gun safes offer superior penetration protection over most of the standard "big-box" store gun safes, but can weigh more and come at a higher price. Thicker steel from a 12 gauge steel gun safe also can increase the gun safe's fire rating. Gun safe steel thickness can seem overwhelming due to the number of options available, but we're here to help.

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In the United States, 15 U.S. Code § 206 strictly governs the claimed steel thickness of any steel products. According to the U.S. standard gauge for sheet and plate iron and steel, 12 gauge steel gun safes are built with steel that is at least 0.106 inches thick and can withstand up to 4.375 pounds per square foot.

The lower number the steel gauge, the thicker the steel. In fact, steel strength increases by the square of the steel thickness. This means that a 12 gauge steel gun safe is 2.86 times stronger than a 14 gauge steel gun safe, even though the steel is only 0.031 inches thicker. Any steel thicker than 0.135 inches (10 gauge) is considered "plate" steel.

A more detailed guide of steel thickness and its relative strength is listed below:

Steel Thickness Gauge Thickness (inches)

Strength Comparison (vs 14-gauge steel)

14-gauge 14 0.075" Baseline
12-gauge 12 0.106" 2.86 times stronger
11-gauge 11 0.120" 4.15 times stronger
10-gauge 10 0.135" 5.9 times stronger
3/16" (Plate) 3/16" 0.188" 15.9 times stronger
1/4" (Plate) 1/4" 0.250" 37.5 times stronger
3/8" (Plate) 3/8" 0.375" 126.5 times stronger
1/2" (Plate) 1/2" 0.500" 299.9 times stronger