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Hayman MagnaVault EX Burglar & Fire Safes

The Ultimate Combination Of Security & Luxury

Balancing excellent security with affordability, the MagnaVault EX is one of the most popular series produced by Hayman Safes. Crafted with a heavy composite construction, large bolts, glass relockers and top-notch quality, the Hayman MagnaVault EX Burglar & Fire Safe series provides you with peace of mind at prices you can't beat.

Read more All Hayman MagnaVault EX safes feature a UL Listed Type 1 SecuRam electronic lock with optional multi-user access. Mechanical systems and tempered glass trigger multiple re-locks to secure the door and bolts in case of a forced-entry attempt. Drill attacks don't stand a chance thanks to the special hard plate protecting the door and safe body. The HSC T-10 Burglary Label ensures your assets are safe from various burglary attacks. Your valuables are further protected from fire, smoke, and water with a 105 minute fire rating at external temperatures of 1,200°F. 

Hayman Safes pulled out all the stops in creating the MagnaVault EX Safe series, including a polished accessory panel on the back of the door and battery-powered LED lighting to illuminate the safe interior. Every MagnaVault EX safe comes standard with 1/2" thick tempered glass shelves which can support over 220 lbs of dead weight and provide superior support for your prized possessions.

Hayman knows that one size doesn't fit all when it comes to home security, which is why they created 5 different size safes in the MagnaVault EX collection:

- Hayman MagnaVault EX Burglar & Fire Safe MVEX-1512E

- Hayman MagnaVault EX Burglar & Fire Safe MVEX-2116E

- Hayman MagnaVault EX Burglar & Fire Safe MVEX-2916E

- Hayman MagnaVault EX Burglar & Fire Safe MVEX-3516E

- Hayman MagnaVault EX Burglar & Fire Safe MVEX-4020E

Upgrade your safe today with a Hayman MagnaVault EX Burglar & Fire Safe and experience ultimate protection combined with a luxury cabinet.