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Steel Gun Safes

Steel gun safes provide the ultimate protection for your firearms. Steel is crafting using a process called "basic oxygen furnace" or BOF where iron ore is processed in a blast furnace and combined with limestone and coke to remove impurities. Oxygen is added to the furnace to further remove impurities to finally produce steel, which is molded into the safes we know and use today. The strength of steel can be improved my adding more steel (thickness) or cooling it to certain temperatures.

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Most quality gun safes are made from steel of different thicknesses, with a lower number gauge indicating a more thick steel. The standard American Wire Gauge system measures steel thickness from 7 gauge ( 0.1793 inch thick) to 30 gauge (0.0126 inch thick).

Many gun safes range from 10 gauge to 20 gauge steel, with 10 gauge steel safes providing the most protection and durability. While the additional steel can increase the weight of the safe significantly, this can also increase the difficulty of damaging or penetrating the safe and therefore keeping your firearms better protected.

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